Name:RFID Ear Tag, Used as ID of Domestic Animal, Such as Cow, Sheep, Pig and Others Which has Ears

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Description:
    • The material of this production contains no lead and toxic
    • With RoHS standard is adapted to the whole manufacturingprocess
    • Plastic cover is made of polyurethane which would not stimulateskin
    • The tag has two kinds-male tag or female tag
    • The two parts of a tag are stuck together by ultrasonicwave
    • By this way they would never fall-off
    • The encoding format of this production completely meets thestandard of ISO18000-6C
    • The unchangeable UID would be encoded in the production beforeit ex-work, used as ID of domestic animal, such as cow, sheep, pigand others which has ears
  • Specifications:
    • Operating frequency: 860 to 960kHz
    • Marking: last 8 ID digit laser marked number
    • Security: tamper-proof design
    • Application options: Universal total tagger/ultraretract-O-matic
    • Material: polyurethane
    • Color: yellow/reader/brown
    • Total weight:
      • Male: 5.8g ±0.05
      • Female: 7.8g ±0.05
  • Physical/environment specifications:
    • Dimensions (Ø x H):
      • No.1:
        • Male: 29 x 21mm
        • Female: 50 x 67mm
      • No.2:
        • Male: 29 x 21mm
        • Female: 56 x 61mm
      • No.3:
        • Male: 29 x 21mm
        • Female: 27 x 92mm
      • Operating temperature: -10/+60ºC
      • Resistance to static electricity: ±5kV peak
      • Memory storage time: more than 10 years
      • Reader distance: up to 3m (antenna and reading systemdependant)