Name:RFID label

 RFID Smart Labels
 We embed radio frequency identification RFID tags (inlays) to RFID self-adhesive paper labels with advanced technology which increases the reliability and consistency of the label while reducing costs effectively, offering custom size manufacturing of RFID Smart Label with a variety of face-stocks and adhesives including Thermal Direct pressure sensitive paper, embed any type of inlay you might require, and accurately embed the inlay anywhere in the label consistently. 
  Our system and methods of manufacturing increases the reliability and consistency of RFID labels to 100% accuracy for our RFID Smart Labels. This is important to the end users and manufacturers because it increases their throughput, it decreases the operational time that they need to print those labels, and the reliability of the label helps them integrate other high-speed applications. We are at the forefront of converting RFID Labels. We have increased the functionality of labels and started a revolution. 
• Supply Chain Management 
• Asset Management 
• Container Identification 
• Pallet Tracking 
  And More....
• 13.56 MHz - ISO 14443 
• 13.56 MHz - ISO 15693 
• 869-915 MHZ - UHF