Name:Plastic Business Card

Plastic business cards


Business card is one of the most important marketing tool a company has. rfidhy.com offers you an incredible way to create unique impressions with our glossy full-color, photographic quality, plastic business cards.


Most cards are on cardboard or paper, to tie the door, smudge or scratch tends to print. Printing on plastic not only makes for a sustainable short, it is also out of competition!


Remember that your business card, a representation of you and your company. Send your business card with a new look today!

Why use plastic business cards?

  • Plastic business cards are the perfect way to make sure your name is kept to hand with your customers.
  • Plastic cards are highly durable and create a professional image. An expensive appearance at an affordable cost.
  • Double sided printing allows more information to be promoted on each card.
  • People keep plastic business cards!


Why use full colour plastic business cards


Before most business cards looked and felt the same - black and white text on paper card stock. Now businesses have the opportunity to offer striking visually designed custom plastic business cards with high quality graphics and photos.



plastic business cards plastic business cards


Full color plastic cards offer businesses a method to make their name truly stand out amongst their competition and allow their plastic business cards the chance to really work for them by being more than just a memory aid. Due to the high durability and long lasting nature of plastic cards, recipients tend to hold onto plastic business cards much longer than paper business cards, and the plastic business cards often give the recipient an impression of value of both the company and the way the individual feels about the worth of their customers.


Full color plastic business cards are ideal for clubs, loyalty programs, VIP passes, or simply to have a highly unique and virtually indestructible business card.



Plastic business cards can be printed in a variety of sizes and thickness depending on the company's design and purpose for the plastic card. In the United States, there are two sizes that are most commonly used for printed plastic cards which are:


Business card size - 90 x 54 mm


Credit card size - 85.75 x 54 mm


The thickness of a plastic business cards will depend upon the type and purpose of the plastic card. Thickness usually ranges from 10mil to 30mil where 10 mil is very thin and flexible and 30mil is more sturdy. Standard credit cards are often printed with 30mil thickness.