ID card

RFID cards and you

How important is Internet security? Hoe about financial and identity security? If your answers to these questions are anything but a resounding yes then you may want to reconsider your priorities. With the rising likelihood that you identity will be stolen from your basic debit card. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the new way to avoid these common issues.

What is an RFID?

These cards cone jam packed with the newest technology possible. With RFID uses a small field of magnetic force to transfer data information over a short range of space. When you swipe your debit card at the supermarket you are creating a wonder. A small electromagnetic field has temporarily been created between your RFID card and the machine. This is a much harder code to crack than a thin black strip with your information pasted across hanging from your wallet.

How does this add security?

You may have never had your identity stolen. Once you fall under the hardship of your financial identity being held on the line you will do anything to make sure that it never happens again. RFID cards create electronic tags to protect you. When a transaction is processing for your card you have created tags. These tags differ from a barcode in the sense that the information does not live directly on the plastic. The barcode creates a field of all your information that becomes available when purchasing. This can prove difficult to crack.