HF 512-bit EEPROM SRT512 RFID paper cards for public transport
1.Material:Paper ,PVC ,PET,ABS.2.Size:85*54mm or customize3.Thickness:0.6mm -2mm4.Blank white or Logo Printing5.Available Chip: 125KHZ:TK..
RFID Ear Tag, Used as ID of Domestic Animal, Such as Cow, Sheep, Pig and Others Which has Ears
Key Specifications/Special Features:Description:The material of this production contains no lead and toxicWith RoHS standard is adapted to t..
Alien Higgs-3 Clothes Button Laundry Rfid Tags , Laundry Labels For Clothing
laundry tag labels is designed based on PCB and PPS base material, it is with water-proof, high washing cycle ability, Super acidic,Super ..
Flexible Silicone & Fabric UHF Laundry Tag
This tag is designed based on steel wire,fabric and silicone base material, small size, great reading rate and perfect reading distance reac..
ABS Plastic Rfid Bolt Seal trailer seal
The world’s only flexible high security container seal with anti-spin feature. The patented anti-spin design ensures that the pin and loc..
RFID paper cards
RFID Paper card is a kind of new and environmentally friendly card, and they are now gradually replacing PVC cards. RFID Paper tickets car..
RFID paper tickets
The application of rfid paper ticket: Paper ticket contains a programmable integrated circuit based typically on HF chip connected to..
Photo ID Cards/Employee Id Card
Photo ID Cards/Employee Id Card 1. Cards style PVC/plastic 2. Material Environment friendly PVC/ABS 3. Dimension ISO s..
Security Patrol RFID Scanner Guard Card
patrol digital tag card for safe Product Description Diameter: 30MMOperating frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHZCommunication speed: 106KBoud..
RFID blocking protection sleeve for credit card and passport
RFID blockingprotection sleeve for credit card and passport Use them on your credit cards, debit cards, subway cards,enhanced drivers lice..
Wooden card/bamboo RFID card
We manufacture the high quality wooden/bamboo RFID cards(with chip mounted).Material Wooden/Bamboo Size standard 85.5*54*0.86mm;thickness 1...
RFID Blocking Card Sleeve
Shanghai Faith Sleeve RFID Card Blocker is special designed toshield RFID signals. We have picked the best material after so many tests..
RFID UHF Laundry Tag
RFID UHF Laundry Tag Introduction ·Material: Silicone·Size: As picture ·Color: blue, red, black, white, yellow, orange, g..
Anti-metal RFID Sticker
Physical Parameter:1.Material:PET/Paper/ wave-absorbing material.2.Chips available: Mifare S50, Mifare S70, Mifare Ultralight, FM11RF08.3.Si..
RFID label
RFID Smart Labels We embed radio frequency identification RFID tags (inlays) to RFID self-adhesive paper labels with advanced technology w..
Physical Parameter:1.Material:PET, Aluminium foil, Sticker.2.Chips available: HF(13.56MHz):FM11RF08, Mifare classic S50, Mifare cla..
Physical Parameter:1.Material:PET, Aluminium foil2.Chips available: HF(13.56MHz):FM11RF08, Mifare classic S50, Mifare classic S70, ..
This RFID tag is specially designed to be mounted directly on metal surfaces. Utilizing an anti-metal layer, it has high immunity to interfe..
Anti-Tamper Wristbands
Anti-Tamper Wristbands, Tamperproof WristbandsIntroduction ·Material: Soft PVC ·Size: As picture ·Color: blue, red, b..
NFC tag
Specifications: · Model : NFCtag · Frequency:13.56 Mhz · ..
NFC Business Card
World BrandClients : Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, Sony Ericson, China Telecom, OPPO, HTC etc.Product Specification: ..
NFC Keyfob
Specifications: · Model : NFC Keyfob · Frequency:13.56 Mhz · ..
NFC Wristband
Specification:Model Name: NFC wristbandDimension: as requestColor:Red/black/orange/green/yellow/blue/white/pink/purpleor Any Pantone color o..
NFC Sticker
Specifications:· Model : NFC Sticker· Frequency:13.56 Mhz· ..
NFC Label
Specifications:· Model : NFClabel· Frequency:13.56 Mhz· ..
RFID Chips
The following is the RFID chips list, other chips are available based on request..
RFID METAL TAGRFID tag IC feature -LF(125KHz): TK4100,EM4100,EM4200,EM4305,EM4550,T5577,Hitag 1,Hitag S etc.-HF(13.56MHz): RF08, MF S50, MF ..
UHF Nail Tag
OverviewThe UHF (860MHz – 960MHz) RFID Nail Tag (Transponder) is a special new design by Shanghai Faith for non-metallic material li..
NFC reader-FIR122U
Overview The FIR122UNFC Reader is a PC-linked contactless smart card reader/writer developed basedon the 13.56 MHz Contactless (RFID) Tech..
Ntag203 card
Specifications: · Model : Ntag203 · Frequency:13.56Mhz · ..
Plastic Business Card
Plasticbusiness cards Business card is one of the most importantmarketing tool a company has. rfidhy.com offers you an incredible way to..
Magnetic Card
Magnetic Strip Card Magnetic Strip Card Magneticstripes store a small amount of information such as customer info, accountnumbers, member ..
RFID Mifare 1K card
Specifications: · Model :Mifare 1k · Frequency:13.56Mhz · ..
Mifare Ultralight C card
· Model :Mifare Ultralight C · Frequency:13.56Mhz · P..
Typical application: · Accesscontrol & time attendance · Assetmanagement and s..
RFID GLASS TAG for AnimalsOverview RFID syringe contains the syringe body and RFID glass transponder, which specifically designed for tracki..
RFID Laundry Tag
rfid laundry tag,rfid clothing tag, washable laundry tag This laundry tag has been specially designed for applications in harsh environm..
RFIDToken isultrasonic embedding with ABS house, water-proof and harsh resistant. Operatingtemperature of -40C ~ +70C. The Tokens can be i..
Disc Tag
Rfid disc tag for Rfid industrial tags Material: PVC Option: with hole; adhesive; anti-metal layer Inventory control..
Cable Tie Tag
RFID Cable Tag is made of nylon or PVC,optional with different colors like yellow/ red/ white/ blue. RFID Cable tagcan be used in water and ..
RFID Windshield Label
Overview:The Faith RFID Windshield Tag is a high-performance andsecure tag designed and tuned to work while affixed on a vehicle’s windshie..
Overview : The NFC labelsbe embedded with ISO14443A Mifare series chips, most are Mifare 1K, MifareUltralight.The new chip NTAG203 is especi..
Animal Ear Tag
Specifications:· Model : animal tag· Frequency: 125KHz, 134.2KHz, 13.56 Mhz, etc.&..
NFC card
Specifications:· Model : NFC card· Frequency: 13.56 Mhz· ..
Specifications of RFID Inlay: Products Name: RFID Inlay HF UHF Chip type options Mifare S50/ Fudan F08/Mifare 4k S70/Desfire EV1 4k/Ultrali..
Specifications of RFID Inlay: Products Name: RFID Inlay HF UHF Chip type options Mifare S50/ Fudan F08/Mifare 4k S70/Desfire EV1 4k/Ultrali..
RFID TYVEK Wristband
Overview: FAITH offers a wide range of Tyvek wristbandsin a variety of colors, patterns and barcode option, so the model you choosecomplimen..
RFID PVC Wristband
Overview: This RFID PVC wristband is widely applicable to the airport parcel, parcel post track, and amusement..
RFID Woven Wristband
Overview: This RFID Woven wristband is widely applicable to the airport parcel, parcel post track, and amuseme..
RFID Prelam LF 125KHz, HF 13.56MHz, UHF 860MHz-960MHz
Overview: RFID Prelam provided by FAITH can be used inmass production of contactless cards and RFID labels.Various sheet dimensionsand thick..
RFID Library Label
Overview: the RFID Library Label is designed to offerone-stop convenience to library staff and users via RFID technology ,Using thelatest RF..
RFID Paper Wristband
Overview: This RFID Paper wristband is widely applicable to the airport parcel, parcel post track, and amuseme..
RFID Silicon Wristband
Overview:RFID Silicone wristband is widely used incampus, swimming pool, amusement parks, buses, building access control,fieldwork and other..
Key chain, metal key chain, PVC key chain,fashion key chain, rubber key chain, keychain RFID keychain IC feature -125KHZ chips:EM4102,..
The worm tag is especially designed to beapplied onto bins. The tag works very well under harsh outdoor environments dueto its solid exterio..
HF Prelam
13.56MHZ RFID HF Prelam for card makingAs key part of RFID card, we provide high-quality RFID Prelam which are suitable for ISO standardcard..
1.Nail RFID TAG For timber and wooden products tracking management 2.Nail RFID TAG For pallet tracking and tree ID RFID nailtags App..